Cool Record Edit Pro v6 to v7

Cool Record Edit Pro v6 to v7 7

Editing and mastering tool for your audio files

Cool Record Edit is a powerful tool for editing your audio files. You can edit and master your own projects thanks to the features available for such tasks. Cool Record Edit gives you all the tools you need for producing excellent Audio CDs and sound recordings. This application also has special advanced tools for editing, analyzing, and recording. It contains a very simple interface that gets the job done quickly. Cool Record Edit has a wide range of effects and audio tools for enhancing your music projects with high quality features. Among the audio tools you'll find equalizing and dynamic processing utilities, and as far as effects you'll find noise reduction, reverb, amplification, echo, chorus, flanger, key transposition and stretching tools. With this tool you can restore damaged audio files with clicks, noise, clipping, crackling or missing high frequency issues. Edit your music files with cutting, deleting, inserting, and trimming features, among others. It supports WAV, MP3, WMA, VOX, GSM, AIF, OGG, CDA, and many more audio formats. Cool Record Edit is a professional style application for your audio file editing.

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Cool Record Edit Pro v6 to v7


Cool Record Edit Pro v6 to v7 7

User reviews about Cool Record Edit Pro v6 to v7

  • Aa115566

    by Aa115566

    "Loved the program"

    For a first time user to this type of software, I thought it was very user friendly.I had very little difficulty figu...   More.

  • lanny_tyndall

    by lanny_tyndall

    "Easy to use, and make new pieces of music,its fun!"

    Easy to understand and use, even if u dont understand what ur doing, ur still able to produce original music or chang...   More.